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  • TEAMWORK: Working cooperatively and efficiently together to achieve the common goal of providing value to our customers and to sustain profitable growth.

  • SERVICE EXCELLENCE: Delivering what we promise and adding

value beyond what is expected. Building customer loyalty not just satisfaction.

  • INTEGRITY: Demonstrating honesty and truthfulness.

  • RESPECT: We treat co-workers and customers with appreciation, kindness and politeness keeping personal opinions of others private and not engaging in any form of gossip. We respect the policies, the people we work with, the company, its assets and ourselves.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Taking responsibility to complete your tasks, to perform the duties required by your job and to be present for your shifts in order to fulfill and further the goals of the company.

  • PROFESSIONALISM: Adhering to the company’s standards and expectations in regard to appearance, attitude, behavior and performance when dealing with coworkers and customers.

  • RELIABILITY: Being punctual and dependable resulting in being committed to the team, our customers, and the company.

  • PURSUE GROWTH & LEARNING: We are committed to improving ourselves personally and professionally which will lead to greater opportunities in the company and healthier relationships


Unbeatable Track Record: We have been successfully providing the best and most efficient cleaning services to many of clients for over 20 years. Whatever your cleaning needs, you can rely on us to always deliver a great job.  
Strong Customer Focus for existing & new clients: From the CEO, through all layers of the company exceeding your expectations is at the core of our business. This commitment to customer service has ensured a very high level of customer retention over the years.
Affordable Cleaning Solutions: We realize every client has different needs. That’s why we provide you with the flexibility to choose from our complete cleaning package or customize to suit your needs and or budget.
Meticulous Quality Control & Safety Protocols: Ensure very high levels of quality control is a key part of our cleaning service. We have developed clearly defined processes and systems to ensure your premises is cleaned to perfection each and every day.

Location of our office-Sharjah

Our Head Office located in sharjah.The GEM Cleaning Company provides a superior cleaning service that reduces the effect on the environment while impacting positively on your business’s image. This public image is enhanced through responsible environmental behaviour and an interest in employee health. We recognise that our success depends on the people who represent us.Our clients demand a meticulous service, which includes minimising the introduction of toxins into the environment. We customise our packages to our clients’ needs while ensuring the highest level of environmental sustainability is maintained.The cleaning machinery we use effectively reduces dust, noise emissions, chemical waste and energy usage.


GEM CLEAN LLC                                   POST BOX- 41453 SHARJAH

GULF MATE                                                                      SHARJAH


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